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10 Best Tile Leveling Systems 2022 – Reviews And Buying Guide

Tile leveling system during laying
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There are few things more disheartening than spending an entire day tiling a floor and then stepping back to admire your hard work, only to realize that the tiling isn’t level. At that point, you would probably wish that you hade the foresight to buy a tile leveling system before you began the job. If you work in an industry where tiling is part of your role or you are planning to undertake a tiling job at home, then a tile leveling system is a sensible investment. It will make sure you get the job done right the first time without the need for timely and potentially expensive fixes to rectify a tiling job done badly. To help you decide which is the best tile leveling system for you, the following is a buying guide outlining the different factors you should consider along with product reviews of the best tile leveling systems on the market now.

Product Reviews of the Best Tile Leveling Systems

1. Raimondi LS250WEDGE 250-Piece Tile Leveling System Wedges

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There are plenty of sturdy wedges in this pack for you to complete a tiling project of any size. Using wedges alone is one of the simplest tile leveling systems, as the wedges hold the tiles firmly in place. They push the tiles rather than lifting them which gives better tile adhesion. These wedges allow for a minimum grout joint of 1/16-inch. The manufacturers claim that this is the most economical tile leveling system available. The wedges work alongside other products from the Raimondi Leveling System range. 

Pros √
• Easy to use- The wedges are easy to use, even for a tiling novice.
• Even spacing- When you use the wedges, the tiles are held firmly in place for even spacing.
• Multiple items- As there are 250 pieces in this pack, there are plenty of wedges to complete a tiling project of almost any size.

Cons ⊗
• Other products needed- To make this a tile leveling system rather than just a bag of wedges, you also need to buy the breakaway clips from the same manufacturer.

2. Raimondi 180BASE500 Clear 1/1-Inch Clear Joints 500-Pieces

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500 pieces of clear tile joints are included in this package. These are sets of base plates and strips that you use to evenly space the joints. The base plate section fits below the tiles, and the strap section fits between. When the tiles have been laid and the adhesive has dried, the base plates remain in place and the strap clips off. They will create a minimum joint of 1/16-inch, and you can use them on tiles with a thickness between 1/8-inch and ½-inch. Using this product will ensure that the tiles are evenly spaced and level, while also speeding up the tiling process. These clips are used in conjunction with other tile leveling system products from Raimondi. 

Pros √
• Easy to use- Very simple to put in place to create even spacing, and easy to break off the strap section.
• Creates even spaces- Great for ensuring there are even spaces between the tiles.

Cons ⊗
• Other products needed- To make this a tile leveling system, you also need to buy the wedges from the same manufacturer.

3. Raimondi Leveling System Starter Kit

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In this starter kit, you get all the basic equipment you need for wall and floor tiling. This included 100 pieces of wedges, 100 pieces of regular clips, and a floor plier. You position the clips between the tiles so that the base plate fits below two tiles and the strap section of the clip acts as a spacer between the two tiles. Once the tiles are put in position, you push the wedge into the gap in the strap section of the clip so that the tiles are held firmly in place and do not have any lippage. You can use the pliers to put the clips and wedges in place and to remove the straps when the adhesive is dry. This system ensures easy and fast tile installation with no lippage. 

Pros √
• Easy system- This system is so easy that even a first-time tiler can quickly learn how to use the equipment provided.
• Level surfaces- It does what it is supposed to do, and the result is a level tile surface.
• Affordable- This is a relatively low-cost system compared to many other products available.

Cons ⊗
• Clip breakages- Some of the clips break too easily, while others can leave some plastic protruding that needs grinding down before you can grout.

4. Bosch Professional Tile and Square Layout Laser GTL3

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Ideal for professional tilers or those who are undertaking multiple projects, this precision laser projects 90-degree lines for squaring. The laser lines are positioned in front of the laser base for precise adjustment and easy centering over point. Obstruction and uneven surfaces are no obstacle for this piece of kit, as the laser lines raise from the surface. You can switch to using 45-degree laser lines, which is useful for positioning square tiles that are between 0 and 90-degrees. This is a durable piece of equipment that you can use in almost any condition, from dusty rooms to wet outdoor environments. The base has a solid positioning plate that includes magnets for secure positioning on metal surfaces. It comes with a soft carrying pouch for storage and transportation.

Pros √
• Increased precision- You will lay tiles with more precision for improved accuracy using this piece of equipment.
• Use in any condition- Dust, rain, and uneven surfaces are not a problem when using this tool.
• Carry case- Comes with a handy carry case that will protect the tool when it is not in use and for easy transportation between jobs.

Cons ⊗
• Not for leveling- Although this tool helps you to line up your tiles, it does not help you to level them. Therefore, you may still have lippage unless you use this tool in conjunction with leveling equipment.
• Weak beam- Users say that the beam is not as bright and does not go as far as the manufacturer claims.

5. T-Lock 1/16-Inch Complete Kit Anti-Lippage Tile Leveling System by Perfect Level Master

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A handy bucket with a lid and handle is the perfect storage and transportation vessel for everything you need for level tiling. You can use this tile leveling system on both floors and walls. It will save you time as you will set the tiles level first time when you use this simple tie leveling system. The kit contains 300 spacers and 100 wedges, so you have plenty of pieces to tile even large areas. The spacers fit between the tiles for even spacing, and the wedges slot into them to ensure the tiles are level. When the tile adhesive is set, simply remove the wedges and snap off the spacers before grouting. 

Pros √
• Easy to use- A simple system that is suitable for both professionals and novices.
• Handy bucket- The bucket contains everything you need and has a handle for carrying around with you as you tile.
• Level and even- This system will allow you to create a level surface with even spacing between the tiles.

Cons ⊗
• Spacer problems- Some people found that the spacers snapped off in the wrong place so that some plastic was protruding.

6. Craftsboys Tile Leveling System

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Contained in a sturdy plastic box with a clip-on lid and handle, this set includes 300 pieces of leveling spacer clips and 100 pieces of reusable wedges. The box allows you to carry the kit around with you when you are completing a job, and to store the reusable pieces until the next time you need to use them. This tile leveling system is suitable for laying tiles that are between 1/8-inch and ½-inch. The manufacturers say that their clips are two millimeters longer than those offered by other brands, and this means they are suitable for more types of tiles. You can use the wedges over and over again as they are made from sturdy and durable materials, and they will hold your tiles level until the tile adhesive has set so that there is no lippage. The clips will ensure even spacing between the tiles and help you to finish the job quickly. 

Pros √
• Long clips- The longer clips in this system means that you can use the kit with almost any tile and for both walls and floors.
• Easy to use- The system is simple and will help you to quickly and easily lay level and evenly spaced tiles.
• Reusable wedges- You will only need to buy the wedges once as you can reuse them many times for multiple tiling jobs.

Cons ⊗
• Tough clips- The clips are sturdy and difficult to break. On the one hand, this means that you do not accidentally break the clips in the wrong place as you are going along. On the other hand, the clips are harder to break off than many of their competitors.

7. Peygran Tile Leveling System Super Kit

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The manufacturers claim that this is the most innovative and effective system for achieving a lippage-free finish. It ensures that the tiles remain flat and that there is no movement while the mortar is setting. Although it is more expensive than some of the other tile leveling systems on the market, it is a comprehensive kit that includes more pieces, so it is good value for money. There are 400 clips and 200 reusable wedges. The kit also includes a plier tool for fixing the clips and wedges securely in place to ensure that the tiles remain flat and evenly spaced. It is a simple system that works in much the same way as other products on the market. The clips fit between the tiles for spacing and the wedges slot into the top of them to hold down the edges of two tiles. When the tiles are set, the wedges are removed, and the clips snap off. 

Pros √
• Comprehensive kit- Multiple pieces of clips and wedges are included, along with a tool to set the clips and wedges in place.
• Professional finish- The kit will help you to achieve a professional finish with level and evenly spaced tiles.
• Ease of use- A simple system that even a novice can handle.

Cons ⊗
• Scuffing- Some users report that the wedges have caused some scuffing on the tiles.

8. Yiyatoo Tile Leveling System

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For those on a limited budget, this is one of the best tile leveling systems on the market as it is one of the cheapest available. It also differs somewhat from the standard tile leveling systems you will find. The kit comes with 500 tile spacers, 100 caps, and two special wrenches. The tile spacers slide between the tiles and then the cap is added. You then use the wrench to turn the cap, which also turns the spacer so that it lodges beneath the tiles. When the cap is tightened with the wrench, the tile is held securely in place. The only part of this kit that you will need to replace for future tiling jobs is the tile spacers. This kit is suitable for creating a minimum tile gap of two millimeters and a maximum tile gap of six millimeters. 

Pros √
• Low cost- One of the most affordable options on the market.
• Easy to fit- Fitting the spacer and caps using the wrenches provided is very easy.
• Level finish- They do what they claim and give you a nice even surface.

Cons ⊗
• Difficult to remove- Although fitting the parts is easy, removing the caps and spacers is tricky.
• Tile damage- Due to problems removing, some users reported damage to the edge of tiles.

9. T-Lock Perfect Level Master Pliers Tool Gun for Tile Leveling System

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This is a plier tool gun that you would use to fit the spacers and wedges securely in a tile leveling system. It is made from polyamide, which means that it is both lightweight and extremely durable. The new and improved design of these pliers makes them easy to use and comfortable to hold. They are specifically designed for use with the other components of the T-Lock tile leveling system. Using this tool will ensure that all the parts of the tile leveling system are firmly in place to ensure that all the tiles are flat, there is no warping, and the finished surface has no lippage. 

Pros √
• Good end results- Using the pliers will give a better finish than simply using clips or spacers and wedges as it makes sure everything is firmly in place.
• Easy to use- There is no training necessary as this tool is so easy to use.
• Good design- The upgraded design means that the product is lightweight, comfortable in the hand, and durable.

Cons ⊗
• Parts needed- This is only the tool you use for fitting the spacers and wedges, so you will need to buy the spacers and wedges separately to use alongside this tool.
• Brand-specific- The tool only works well with other T-Lock products.

10. iRookie 100-Piece Reusable Tile Level Spacers with Special Wrench

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Suitable for both wall and floor tile installation, all the parts in this kit are reusable with the exception of the spacers. The spacers fit between the tiles and then a cap is added over the end. You use the special wrench to turn the cap and lock the spacer in place. When the mortar is set, simply turn the cap the other way with the wrench and snap off the end of the spacer. The kit is suitable to use for creating gaps of two millimeters or more, and for tiles that are between three millimeters and 20 millimeters thickness. This tile leveling system is designed to help you install the tiles quickly and to achieve a level finish of evenly spaced tiles.

Pros √
• Easy to use- The system is quick and simple to use with almost any tile.
• Easy removal- It is also easy to remove the caps and the spacers snap off easily.
• Even finish- Most users report that the spacing was good and that there was no lippage.

Cons ⊗
• Moving tiles- When you tighten the caps, the tiles tend to move. This is resolved by applying pressure to the tile while fixing the caps in place.

A Buying Guide for Tile Leveling Systems

To make sure you buy the right product to meet your needs, the following are the factors you need to think about when making your decision.

System Contents

There are significant differences in what is included with each of the tile leveling systems. You may see some of the following items included in a good tile leveling system:

• Pliers- Some tile leveling systems come with pliers that you use to adjust the clips and wedges.

• Clips- Clips determine the width between the tiles and help you to position them in line with each other. These come in various forms.

• Wedges- You will use wedges to ensure there are even spacings between the tiles and the clips hold these in place.

• Straps and baseplates- A strap and baseplate system is a type of clip. The baseplates are attached to the straps. These are positioned between the tiles so that the baseplates are slotted under the tiles and the straps stand between the tiles as a form of a spacer. When the tiles have been laid, the straps snap off and the baseplates remain in place below the tiles.

• Caps- Caps are an alternative to wedges in some systems. The caps fit over the strap and hold the tiles firmly against the wall or floor to reduce the likelihood of lippage.

Quality of Clips

One of the most important elements of the tile leveling system is the clips, and it is essential that these are good quality. Look for a system with clips that will break off easily above the tile with the simple tap of a mallet, but that does not otherwise break. The clips should also make it easier, not harder, to line the tiles up in the correct position.

Suitability for the Tiles

Tiles can vary significantly, so it is important to check that the tile leveling system is suitable for the tiles you have bought. The main factors to consider are the thickness of the tiles and the material from which they are made. Most manufacturers state the minimum and maximum tile thickness for which they are suitable.


As with any product, the price of a tile leveling system is an important factor in their decision of which to buy. You should consider the following points:

• The price does not always reflect the quality of the product as other factors that influence the price include the type of equipment, the number of pieces in the system, the materials, and the brand.

• You can save money in most cases if you buy your tile leveling system online instead of from a store. Shopping online also allows you to compare the products to find the best tile leveling system.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Lippage in a Tile?

Lippage is a term that refers to a variation in the height of adjoining tiles. This can occur if the tiles are not leveled or if they are laid onto an uneven surface. It can also occur if there are variations in the size, design, or style of the tiles.

Can This System Prevent Lippage in Tiles?

The main purpose of using a tile leveling system is to prevent lippage in the tiles. If you use the systems correctly, they will ensure that the tiles are evenly spaced and create an even surface with no lippage.

Which is the Ideal Tile Leveling System?

An ideal tile leveling system is one that has all the parts you need, is simple to use, and helps you to create a level surface of evenly spaced tiles. With this in mind, the ideal tile leveling system is the Craftsboys Tile Leveling System as this product meets all these conditions.

How Does This System Help to Do the Fastest Floor Installations?

Trying to line up the tiles so that the spaces are even and then repeatedly checking if the surface is level is time-consuming. It is even more time-consuming if you get it wrong the first time as you will then need to remove the tiles and retile the surface. Using a tile leveling system removes these issues, thus saving you time when you are tiling either a wall or a floor.

Final Verdict

There are plenty of tile leveling systems on the market that can save you time and help you to create a professional finish when laying both wall and floor tiles. One of the simplest and best tile leveling systems is the Craftsboys Tile Leveling System. This is suitable for tiles of almost any thickness and has sturdy clips and wedges. The latter are reusable, so you will not need to buy more if you are completing multiple jobs. This affordable product is easy to use and will help you to get evenly spaced tiles with no lippage.

Another great product is the Peygran Tile Leveling System Super Kit. Although this kit is a little more expensive, it is good value for money as it contains more pieces of clips and wedges than other tile leveling systems, and it also comes with a tool to fit the clips and wedges in place. This is one of the best tile leveling systems because it will help you to achieve a professional finish with evenly spaced and level tiles.

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