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10 Best Wet Tile Saws 2022 – Reviews And Buying Guide

Cutting tile with wet tile saw
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Regardless of what task you are completing, it is always important to use the right tool for that specific job. A common tool that is used for many different tasks is a saw, and there are multiple varieties available that each has a different purpose. When you are sawing wet tiles, it is essential that you use the right type of saw for this task. The following are product reviews of some of the best wet tile saws on the market, along with a buying guide to help you compare the different features of wet tile saws so that you choose the best product to meet your needs.

Product Reviews of the Best Wet Tiles Saws

Each of the wet tile saws on the markets has its own pros and cons. Here are product reviews that give an overview of some of the best wet tile saw options on the market now.

1. DEWALT D24000S Heavy-Duty 10-Inch Wet Tile Saw with Stand

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This wet tile saw with stand is easy to use as there are a cut line indicator and stainless steel rollers that provide a stable surface for accurate cutting. Creating angled cuts is also simple because there is a miter feature that you can set at 45-degrees or 22.5-degrees. The miter feature has dual water nozzles. Another feature on this tool is the plunge feature, which allows you to make quick plunge cuts for electrical outlets and A/C registers. Although this is a large piece of kit, it is lightweight as it weighs just 69 pounds, so it is easy for one person to transport and set up. This wet tile saw has the cutting capacity to rip cut either 25-inches or 28-inches with a plunge, or to cut 18-inch by 18-inch tiles on the diagonal.

Pros √
• Accurate- This saw cuts accurately thanks to the cut line indicator and the stainless steel rollers.
• Lightweight-Despite being a sturdy and large tool, this product is a surprisingly lightweight tool at 69 pounds.
• Cutting options-There are options to cut accurately at different angles with this saw.
• Neat cut- Users say that the cut created by this saw is neat and clean.

Cons ⊗
• Water pump issues- Some people have reported that the pump is not as efficient as other parts of this saw.
• Weak spring- Another weaker area of this saw is the spring that lifts the saw blade.

2. SKIL 3540-02 7-Inch Wet Tile Saw

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Featuring a corrosion-resistant stainless steel top, this wet tile saw can support tiles that measure up to 12-inches by 12-inches. You can achieve accurate straight and miter cuts thanks to the adjustable rip fence. The blade remains cool thanks to the water reservoir, which also minimizes debris and dust. It has a bevel feature that cuts stone and masonry tiles from 0 to 45 degrees. This wet tile saw has a cross-cut capacity of 7.75-inches and a diagonal cut capacity of 7.25-inches. The sturdy construction of this tool means it is stable on any flat surface. 

Pros √
• No overheating- The water reservoir ensures that the blade does not overheat during use.
• Minimal mess- This tool produces very little dust and debris when cutting tiles.
• Durable- The sturdy construction and the corrosion-resistant top mean that this tool is a durable item.

Cons ⊗
• Not for large tiles- This wet tile saw will only cut tiles that measure up to 12-inches by 12-inches. Therefore, it is not suitable for large wall or floor tiles.
• Water spray- The main problem reported with this tool is that it sprays out a lot of water and you are likely to get wet when you are using the product.

3. Chicago Pneumatics 10-Inch 2.5 HP Tile/ Brick Saw

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You can adjust the blade for various bricks and tiles thanks to the two-position cutting head, and it has a maximum cutting capacity of 24-inches. The head also pivots so that you can achieve 22.5-degree and 45-degree bevel cuts. There are a built-in three-gallon water pump and a removable, high-impact, and easy to clean water tub. The powerful dual capacitor motor has sealed bearings and thermal overload protection, which is a great safety feature. Vibration is not an issue with this saw as the vibration is reduced through thee heavy-duty cast alloy column and cutting head. The main construction is an over sized steel frame with a precision linear bar system that delivers smooth operation. 

Pros √
• Durable- Made from good quality materials that can withstand heavy use over long periods.
• Low water spray- There is not a lot of water spray or mess when you use this wet tile saw.
• Great cuts- Achieves a variety of cuts in even the thickest tiles or bricks that have a clean finish.

Cons ⊗
• Heavy- This is best-suited to use in a workshop as it is extremely heavy to carry between two jobs.
• Weak water supply- The water supply is limited and some users say they need more to do the job well.

4. DEWALT Wet Tile Saw

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The table of this wet tile saw has a rubber top to prevent slipping and sliding, which is a good safety feature. There are dual water nozzles that the user can adjust to focus the water placement onto the tile. This minimizes the amount of mist and over-spray when using the saw. It has a huge cutting capacity, as it has a rip cut capacity of 26-inches and a diagonal cut capacity of 18 ¾-inches. This capacity is thanks to the cantilevering rail system. There is a plunge cut feature that allows the user to make a quick plunge cut for A/C registers and electrical outlets. At only 69 pounds, this is a lightweight wet tile saw that one person can set up and transport alone. 

Pros √
• Safety top- The rubber top is great safety feature that prevents slipping and sliding.
• Lightweight- Light enough for one person to transport and set up at only 69 pounds.
• Minimal over-spray- The dual nozzles mean you can direct water to reduce mist and over-spray.
• Large cutting capacity- Suitable for cutting all tile sizes due to its large cutting capacity.

Cons ⊗
• Bumps- Some users say that the rollers bump while you are cutting the tiles.
• Tile chipping- Due to some problems with wheel misalignment, some people have experienced some chipping to the tiles they are cutting.

5. QEP 22400Q 3/5 HP Torque Master Tile Saw

QEP 22400Q 3/5 HP Torque Master Tile Saw, 4-Inch                   Click here to see more photos
To prevent this tool from rusting and corrosion, it is made from plastic. It easily cuts through ceramic, slate, marble, and stone tiles, and the hinged cutting table is adjustable so that you can make either 22.5-degree or 45-degree miter cuts. This wet tile saw include a four-inch continuous rim diamond blade, a rip guide, an angel guide, and a clip-on extension table to create a large work surface. It has a portable design for easy transportation between jobs and is lightweight at just eight pounds. To minimize the frequency of refills, this wet tile saw recycles the water. 

Pros √
• Portable- This lightweight wet tile saw weighs just eight pounds, and it is designed for easy transportation.
• Extension table- The clip-on extension table allows you to extend the work surface for cutting larger tiles.
• Water recycling- The wet tile saw recycles the water it uses so that refills of the water pump are minimized.

Cons ⊗
• Vibration- This tile saw vibrates a lot, which some people find distracting when using the tool.
• Additional blades needed- If you need to cut porcelain tiles, then you will need to buy a separate blade as the one provided is not a good blade for porcelain tiles.

6. SKIL 3550 02 7-Inch Wet Tile Saw with Hydro Lock Water Containment System

SKIL 3550-02 7-Inch Wet Tile Saw with HydroLock Water Containment System                   Click here to see more photos
One of the unique selling points of this wet tile saw is the Hydro Lock water containment system. This keeps the water contained near the blade, which reduces the clean-up time. The saw has a sliding side extension for when you are cutting larger tiles. This allows you to cut tiles up to 18-inches by 18-inches. A durable and sturdy item, the tabletop is made from rust-resistant aluminum. There is an adjustable rip fence that features a miter gauge that means you can cut the tiles at 22.5-degrees and 45-degrees. 

Pros √
• Hydro Lock system- The standout feature of this tile is the Hydro Lock system that reduces clean-up time by keeping the water contained by the blade.
• Extension- The extendable option is great for cutting larger tiles, but then putting away when using smaller tiles so that it is a compact tool.
• Cutting options- A variety of cutting options and it gives a clean cut.

Cons ⊗
• Moving rip guard- some users report that the rip guard is weak, and it sometimes moves.

7. QEP 22650Q 650XT ¾ HP 120-Volt Tile Saw for Wet Cutting of Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles

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Despite being an affordable option, this is a powerful piece of kit that boasts a ¾ HP motor that can generate up to 3,600 RPM. This means it is a demanding installation job. It is suitable for cutting tiles made from ceramic, stone, marble, porcelain, and granite. There is an extension table that you can use on either side for when you are cutting larger tiles. This is a durable wet tile saw that has a table and frame constructed from good quality steel with rubber footpads for extra stability. The flat table design means that you can use this product for both rip and diagonal cuts.

Pros √
• Low cost- One of the most affordable wet tile saws of this type.
• Easy to use- This wet tile saw is easy to use and cuts through tiles of all materials effortlessly.
• Compact design- It is easy to store this wet tile saw away when it is not in use thanks to its compact design.

Cons ⊗
• Water spray- There is a lot of water spray from this saw, so you are likely to get wet.
• Loud- This wet tile saw is significantly louder than its competitors.

8. MK-370EXP 1-1/4 HP 7-Inch Wet Cutting Tile Saw

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Intended for professional use, this is a lightweight and portable tile saw that weighs just 33 pounds. This means that it is easy for one person to transport and set up alone. It features a hinged blade guard for easy blade changes and maintenance inspection, and a built-in 45-degree miter system. There is a plunge option so that you can simply cut for outlets and other openings quickly. It is capable of precision cutting thanks to the 5/8-inch diameter chrome-plated linear guard that provides smooth, straight, and rigid support.

Pros √
• Portable- Easily take this between jobs as it is lightweight at just 33 pounds.
• Easy maintenance- The hinged blade guard allows for easy maintenance and quick blade changes.
• Precision cutting- This saw cuts well with a clean finish. This is predominantly due to the linear guard giving good support to the tile as it is pushed through.

Cons ⊗
• The table gives- The table has a little too much give, so you need to use both hands to guide the tile through.
• Poor water tray- The water tray has a weak design that makes it tricky to empty without a lot of spillages.

9. PORTER-CABLE PCE980 Wet Tile Saw

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This product has some interesting features that make it one of the best wet tile saws on the market. It has an onboard miter square to help line up the tiles for miter cuts or repeatable rip cuts. There is a stainless steel fixed deck that is durable and rust-resistant, so it can stand up to water and jobsite abuse. This wet tile saw has a splash guard that stops water from spraying over the tool operator, and you can simply drain the water away into a bucket as it has a drain plug. Therefore, there is not a lot of water mess with this tool. It has a roll cage that protects the cutting cart and makes it easy to carry between jobs.

Pros √
• Little water mess- You will have no problems emptying the water tray as it has a drain plug to quickly drain water, and a splash guard stops the water spraying.
• Durable- The sturdy, stainless steel top can withstand worksite abuse and is corrosion-resistant.

Cons ⊗
• High price- Compared to many other wet tile saws, this is an expensive piece of equipment. However, it is worth the additional cost if you are a professional who uses a tile saw regularly.

10. Lackmond Beast Wet Tile Saw

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This wet tile saw has the capacity to execute a 24-inch rip cut or a diagonal cut on an 18-inch by 18-inch tile. The manufacturers of this item claim that this seven-inch tile saw has the same capabilities of most 10-inch tile saws on the market. The powerful direct drive motor rotates to give precision 22.5-degree and 45-degree bevel cuts. There is also a plunge feature that allows you to execute perfect cutouts for wall sockets or v-cuts. Its durable frame is constructed from steel pipes, os it can withstand even tough conditions. The user has complete control over the volume and placement of the water hitting the table thanks to the snake-pipe water system.

Pros √
• Durable- The steel pipe frame means that this is a tough and durable product.
• Snake-pipe water system- The water system allows volume and placement control.
• Great cutting capacity- This powerful piece of kit can cut both large and thick tiles and can create different types of cuts.

Cons ⊗
• Bad vibration- There are some reports that this saw vibrates badly during use.

Wet Tiles Saw Buying Guide

With so many different products on the market, it is sometimes difficult to decide which one is best suited to your needs. To make the right decision, it is important to consider all the different factors of these products. The following is an overview of the things you should think about when buying a wet tile saw.

Types of Tile Saw

There are several different types of tile saw, and each is suitable for different purposes. Some of the most common types of wet tile saw include:

• A handheld wet tile saw- These are best-suited to small tiling jobs or repairs and they are the most portable option.

• Fixed table top wet tile saw-Similar to a handheld wet tile saw but used on a tabletop, you need to push the tile towards the blade on these options.

• Sliding table top wet tile saw- The sliding element of these is a tray with rollers, which improve the precision of cuts. These are more expensive than fixed tabletop wet tile saws.


When choosing a wet tile saw, the blades are one of the most important features to consider as this will determine how well your blade cuts. There are two main factors to consider:

• Size-The size of the blades is important in relation to the thickness of the tiles you are cutting.

• Type- There are different types of blade available, and some work better with certain materials than others. Many wet tile saws come with interchangeable blades so that you can work with different materials.


Tile saws are made using a variety of materials. Some considerations to make are:

• Durability- If you are paying good money for a product, you want it to stand the test of time and have the durability to withstand heavy use.

• Corrosion-resistance- Due to the use of water with these tools, it is important that they are corrosion-resistant.

• Non-slip- Some wet tile saws have a non-slip surface on the flat surface for improved safety.

Cutting Options

A good wet tile saw will allow you to make various types of cuts. The main types of cuts you want from the saw include:

• Rip cuts- These are the main cuts that cut all the way through the tile.

• Miter cuts- You need these cuts for when you need a tile to fit around an electrical socket or other obstruction in the wall.

• Plunge cuts- For smaller cuts, you may prefer a plunge cut which cuts down into the tile rather than through it.


Another point to consider is the weight of the product, and most people want a piece of equipment that is as light as possible. Consider the following:

• Portability- If you are a professional and need to move between jobs or you are working anywhere above the ground floor on a home project, then portability is an important consideration.

• Setup- The more lightweight a wet tile saw is, the easier it is to set up in most cases.

• Workshop use- If you intend to keep the wet tile saw stationary in a workshop, then the weight of the product is not as important.


Price is often a major consideration when buying tools. Some points to consider are:

• The price is not always a reflection of the quality, but sometimes you may need to pay more to get the best quality tool on the market.

• Other factors that affect the price are the brand, the materials, and any additional features.

• In most cases, you will save money when you buy a wet tile saw online.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to Cut Rocks with a Wet Tile Saw?

Although the main use of a wet tile saw is cutting tiles, it is also possible to use this piece of equipment for cutting rocks. You can do this using the following steps:

1. Mark where you want to cut on the rock using a marker pen.

2. Put on your safety gear.

3. Secure the rock in the clasps of the tile saw.

4. Make sure that you are using the diamond blade.

5. Pull the rock through the blade rather than pushing it.

What Blade Size for Tiles Saws is the Best?

Which size blades are best for a wet tile saw depends on how you will use this piece of equipment. Seven-inch blades are great for wall tiles and can cut through tiles up to 1.-inches thick. An eight-inch blade can through tiles up to two-inches thick. If you are cutting through floor tiles, stone pavers, or thicker wall tiles, then the 10-inch blades are the better option.

Which Blade is Recommended for Tiles Saws?

One of the most common saw blades you will find in wet tile saws is a diamond blade, and this is because it offers the greatest versatility in terms of the materials it can cut. However, you may need other types of blade for some materials and may wet tile saws come with interchangeable blades.

Why is it Worth Investing in a Tiles Saw?

Buying a wet tile saw may seem like a large expense. However, if you undertake lots of tiling projects in your home or as part of your profession, then it is a worthy investment. Not only will it help you to achieve a more professional finish, but it can also potentially save you money in the long-run as you will have less tile wastage.

Final Verdict

With so many wet tile saws on the market, you may have found it difficult to decide which one best meets your needs. Each product has its own pros and cons and may suit different groups of people depending on how they intend to use the wet tile saw. Hopefully, this guide and product reviews have given you some guidance regarding what is available.

Overall, the best wet tile saw for professional use is the Lackmond Beast Wet Tile Saw. This has the capability to cut through even thick tiles and has a 24-inch cutting capacity. It has both miter and plunge features to create different types of cut, and it is a durable item.

Another great option is the SKIL 3550 02 7-Inch Wet Tile Saw with Hydro Lock Water Containment System. Although the main selling point of this wet tile saw is the unique hydro lock water system, it also has many other things going for it. This product cuts even larger tiles cleanly, and there is a variety of cutting options.

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